Translation and Apostille

No matter what your language, Mundial Vistos understands you.

The public translation is done by a professional recognized and accredited as a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter, by the Board of Trade where he resides. He will be able to translate documents in an official manner, so that they can be accepted in public and private offices in Brazil and abroad.

Translation and Apostille

Mundial Vistos has a team of sworn public translators, recognized in Brazil, capable of translating documents from several foreign languages into Brazilian Portuguese, as well as translating Brazilian documents into other foreign languages, to be used in services abroad.

According to Decree 13,609, of 10/21/1943:

Article 18 – No book, document or paper of any nature, which is drawn up in a foreign language, shall have effect in Federal, State, or Municipal offices, at any instance, Court or entity maintained, supervised or directed by the public powers, without being accompanied by the respective translation, made in accordance with this regulation. (…)

Mundial Vistos has a team of sworn public translators, recognized in Brazil, able to translate any type of text, in the most diverse foreign languages into Brazilian Portuguese, as well as translate texts in Portuguese to other foreign languages, guaranteeing accuracy and a professional quality of translation.

For cases of translation of own use and without an official nature, a simple translation can be your solution.

Do you need to use a Brazilian document abroad? Pay attention to the apostille process.

Apostille is the process of recognizing the authenticity of documents from countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, to which Brazil is a party. Every Brazilian document, in order to be accepted in a country that is also a signatory to the Hague Convention, needs this process of recognition.

The apostille procedure is a process that has replaced the legalization of documents, previously done by the consulates, sometimes complicated, bureaucratic and expensive

Mundial Vistos will assist in the apostille process for your security and convenience.


See if the document’s destination country is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

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