With the documents regularized, you are part of Brazil.

The former National Registry of Foreigners (RNE), now known as National Migration Registration Card (CRNM), is the identity document for foreigners residing in Brazil. In order to obtain it, it is necessary to have a residence visa or a residence permit. The document is essential to produce other Brazilian official documents, as well as to open bank accounts, sign agreements, and in the most diverse situations of daily life in Brazil.


The residence visa issued by a Brazilian consulate abroad must be registered to obtain the CRNM.

Mundial Vistos will follow up the entire process for registration of your visa and issuance of the CRNM through the Brazilian Immigration authorities.

Expired identity document is not valid in the country. It is necessary to replace it, close to the end of its validity.

Mundial Vistos will follow up the entire process to renew your identity card in Brazil and issue a new CRNM.

Is your name, date of birth, your parents’ names, or any other data on your CRNM wrong?

It is important to correct, as the CRNM is the reference for all other documents that a foreigner is to be issued in the country.

Mundial Vistos will follow up the process to correct and change the data of his/her identity card before the Brazilian immigration authorities, as well as to issue a new CRNM with the corrected and updated data.

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